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tommy udo - nine inch nails martin huxley - self-destruct
purest feeling maximum nine inch nails
demos & remixes mr. self destruct
sympathy for the evil march of the devil
you have
a voice

tommy udo - nine inch nails (book)
2002 sanctuary publishing
grammy award winning artist trent reznor rewired the mainstream with his act nine inch nails. this text tells how, in the last decade, he has started his own record label, produced marilyn manson and sold more than five million copies of his album "the downward spiral".

martin huxley - self-destruct (book)
from a well of previously unpublished research huxley has carved out the history of reznor's rise as an appalachian outcast to dyspeptic sex symbol; and his relationship with his spasmodically fixated fans.

purest feeling (bootleg.cd)
studio tracks recorded at "the right track" in cleveland, ohio in november 1988. some pre-phm versions as well as two songs that never made it to phm; maybe just once and purest feeling.

maximum nine inch nails: the unauthorised biography (bootleg.cd)
1999 chrome dreams
the full story with interviews and mini-poster.

demos & remixes (bootleg.cd)
blue moon records
studio demos from 1988, the original version of "supernaut" with trent reznor on vocals and various promotional mixes.

mr. self destruct (bootleg.2cd)
recorded live at the pittsburgh civic arena 1994-11-28.

sympathy for the evil (bootleg.cd)
fingerprint 1995
recorded live at the seattle moore theatre 1994-04-19.

march of the devil (bootleg.cd)
razorblade 1995
recorded live at the tampa expo hall 1994-11-21.