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the crow
1994 atlantic recording corporation
nine inch nails released "dead souls" on the soundtrack for the crow.

natural born killers
1994 nothing/interscope
a movie by director oliver stone. reznor produced the soundtrack for the movie, and in the end created a recording which blended the music and dialogue into one. the soundtrack included one new nine inch nails track, "burn", a remix of "something I can never have", and the original version of "a warm place."

1996 id software
a popular computer game created by id software. both the sound effects and background music were created by trent reznor and nin.

lost highway
1996 nothing/interscope
a soundtrack released on nothing records in 1996. produced by trent reznor with executive producer david lynch.

tomb raider
2001 elektra entertainment group
the song "deep" by nine inch nails is included on the soundtrack.