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2k6.xii.24 - merry x-mas

Once again, I'm terribly sorry I haven't updated more often. A small x-mas gift is available in downloads now. Have a good one!

2k6.vii.07 - links

My oh my, did I get sick. Still haven't recovered but I thougt I should put up a few rk-links. A review from local - thats where I am - paper Corren. Only in Swedish though. And a few pictures from It is also worth mentioning two Swedish newspapers thought that rektal.käse was the weirdest bandname at the festival. - home sweet home

Back home again; a bit tired, a bit sick but most of all extremely satisfied. I had an extremely good time on stage and would like to thank all those who showed up and also all those making it possible. Without you everything falls apart.

More to come soon; right now I have to sleep. - hultsfred update

Just finished rendering the backtape for the rektal.käse show in Hultsfred next week. Be sure to visit their promopage @